14 Out-of-the-Box Client Appreciation Ideas

  1. Surprise Them with Flowers

Flowers have long been a Valentine’s Day go-to gift for spouses and significant others. But clients? That’s something new! Imagine the surprise on the face of your favorite clients when the florist shows up with a bouquet and special message just for them.

  1. Send a Selfie Shout-Out

Ask your clients if you could pop by for a quick visit to their business. Then, whip out your smartphone, snap a selfie, and brag about their business on your social media pages. Remember to tag them so they can share on their social pages, too!

  1. Your Favorite Business (or Other) Book

What book has made an impact on you, personally or professionally? Buy a few copies and send them to your clients with a quick note of gratitude.

  1. Record a Video Testimonial

Have you done business with some of your favorite customers? Record a video testimonial for them and post it to your and their social media pages. Add it to a Google or Facebook review or LinkedIn recommendation.

  1. Give Them a Referral to Your Best Friend

What better way is there to show you trust your best client?

  1. Help Them Celebrate

Help your clients mark the important events in their lives. Send them a wedding, housewarming, or promotion gift. Some companies even send onesies to welcome a customer’s new baby.

  1. Toss in a Freebie with Their Next Order or Invoice

Reward customers who pay on time and in full with a little freebie. A little something extra in their regular order can go a long way to showing how much you appreciate them.

  1. Let Them Eat Cake

Have a customer with a sweet tooth? Surprise them with a thank you cake! Pizza works for clients who prefer something savory.

  1. Use Your Talent

Don’t let your talent go to waste! Sometimes, the Solutionistas will throw in a free service for a client. If we printed all of their brochures for the year, we may design and print thank you cards for them to use as a token of our appreciation. What capability do you have that would make a great gift?

  1. Throw Them a Party

Happy hour, brunch, cook-out, formal dinner, baseball game . . . throw your favorite customers a party! Added benefit: it’s an opportunity for your clients to meet each other and possibly pass business!

  1. Make the Trip

Do you have clients who are out-state or out-of-state? Wow them with an in-person visit for lunch or coffee. Ask their staff what their favorite lunch or coffee spot is to make your destination a surprise.

  1. Make a Donation

If your client is a non-profit, make a donation to their organization. If your client is a business, ask where they do their charitable giving and make a donation in their honor.

  1. Wish Them Well on Funky Holidays

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween greetings are so . . . expected. What’s not expected? A Groundhog Day card from your landscaping company. What obscure holiday speaks to you and your business?

  1. Give Them Exclusive Access

If you own a brick and mortar, reward your most loyal customers with an exclusive, after-hours event just for them. Offer them special discounts and refreshments. If you’re a restaurant, come up with a special prix fixe menu.

Clients deserve to be appreciated all year long. If you’re struggling to find the perfect appreciation gift for your customers, the Solutionistas can help! Let’s chat.

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