5 Unexpected Ideas for Keeping Your Brand Fresh with Graphic Design and Print Design

Feeling uninspired by your current print marketing materials? If you are, then how do you think your customers and prospects feel? Here are five fresh ways to update your graphic and print design to keep it eye-catching and engaging.

  1. Out with the trifold, in with the gate-fold!

Seacole Gate Fold Brochure Mockup 3 

Trifold brochures are a dime a dozen, which means they can easily get lost in the shuffle. Stand out with a gate-folded brochure. Printed on an 11 x 17 sheet, these brochures can fit the equivalent of four 8 x 10 sheets of information and branding. Plus, they fit nicely in a two-pocket folder.

Use a gate-folded brochure to showcase your company story, explain or sell one of your products, and build your brand. The Origin Marketing Solutionistas recently completed a gate-folded brochure for a chemical manufacturer. Check out the project on our Client Stories page!

  1. Wear your design.

custom clothing design

Don’t limit yourself to web and paper. Creative graphic design looks good on every medium. Grab the attention of clients and prospects with custom-designed clothing. Ask your crew and sales team to wear your branded clothing on the job and at trade shows, or give your clothing away as promotional products.

Use your logo and brand colors on a variety of garments, from polos and t-shirts to jackets and caps. We helped the crew of a construction company stand out with branded, Day-Glo t-shirts. Check out the finished product on our Client Stories page!

  1. Old school meets new school.

I94 West Chamber Of Commerce Stationery Set By Origin Smart Marketing 
I94 West Chamber Of Commerce Stationery Set By Origin Smart Marketing[/caption]

You conduct a lot of business online, but custom print stationery still makes a statement. But you don’t have to limit yourself to black-and-white, boring design. Your company stationery can be as bold as your brand is.

Make your stationery stand out by incorporating your brand colors and using your logo as a watermark on your letterhead and your envelopes. Cross-promote your website and social media pages. Check out our fresh design for a Twin Cities chamber group on our Client Stories page!

  1. Give away the unexpected.

custom trade show print design

Trade show booths are full of pens, one-sheets, chip clips, and other predictable giveaways. Draw in your visitors with giveaways that will surprise them.

Recently, we created a unique giveaway for our client’s fall buying show. The coaster featured the buying show’s branding and showcased the company’s 25 years in business. Check out the coaster on our Client Stories page!

  1. Become a (profitable) fly on the wall.

15-month calendar design

What marketing material stays in front of your client’s eyes every day, 365 days a year? A calendar featuring your company and your products. Calendars keep your company front and center. The best ones feature a different product and offer each month.

Brand your calendar with your logo, colors, and photos of your staff and products. We had the opportunity to create an engaging calendar for an automotive parts company. Check out the calendar on our Client Stories page!

Ready to give your clients something unexpected? Talk to the Solutionistas at Origin Marketing. Shoot me an email or give me a call at (763) 498-9168 to get started.

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