Bespoke design and purposeful tools to grow your business.

Origin Marketing develops intelligent marketing solutions that effectively communicate your story and engage your target market. We know how to blend a dash of technology, a pinch of quality design, and a mix of marketing strategies to create a recipe for success for your business.
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Print’s not dead! Whether creating digital designs for your app or print design for your brochure, the basic tenants of good design remain the same. Quality design is an important ingredient in a successful strategy. From soup to nuts, we’ve got all the right ingredients to ensure a coordinated design approach across all mediums and platforms. Our Solutionistas will make sure your branding is consistent and engaging, whether you’re producing promotional materials, e-newsletters, direct mailers, trade show materials, or developing a website.

Design is thinking made visible.

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The Internet has leveled the playing field between large and small companies. Location, location, location . . . sound familiar? Location is still king, but today, your location can be anywhere — and we mean anywhere — as long as your customers can find you! It doesn’t matter your size or physical location: Your business can compete locally or globally with an exceptional digital marketing strategy. Think of digital marketing as the virtual bridge that connects you to your customers and your customers to you!

Your customers are getting smarter, savvier, and younger every day, and it’s important you understand them. Once you do, you can begin to connect with them wherever they are — on their mobile devices, tablets, or even traditional desktop PCs. We’ll design smart digital marketing solutions for your business, including responsive web design, mobile websites, SEO and SEM, content marketing, and mobile apps.

Digital marketing isn’t magic. It takes a smart plan!

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Your customers are looking for you on their mobile devices, so make it effortless for them to interact with you there. Ever try to open up a website on your smartphone and it just doesn’t work? The text is tiny, and you have to pinch and swipe to get to the information you need. This is what happens when your website isn’t mobile responsive. Don’t let your website cost you business because your customers can’t access your site easily from their mobile devices.

If you’re not selling your products online, you’re missing out on a potential gold mine. Today, it’s possible to offer excellent customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience online. E-commerce solutions help you sell online to anyone, anywhere, anytime. All it takes is a little know-how, data analytics, and an expert in your back pocket. Let us help you open up shop online. Are you familiar with the terms responsive design and m-commerce? If not, and you want more information about m-commerce or responsive design, we can help!

Responsive design allows your business to connect with the right person, at the right moment, wherever they are.

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A strong brand creates an emotional relationship. It instills reliability and trust between a business and its customers. A clear identity reflects the look and feel of a business or organization. The visible elements of a brand (such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol/mark) come together to identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds.

The Origin Marketing Solutionistas develop your brand identity based on your core identity. That’s who you are, what you stand for, and what you wish to be known for. Your core identity is what ultimately makes your brand special and differentiates you from your competition. Your brand identity should express your core identity in a way that is contextually relevant to your audience. A strong brand identity shapes your customer’s perception of your business and influences their buying decisions (hopefully for the better!).

A strong brand and a clear identity are as vital to the success of your business as your vision for the future.

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Make your next best customer come to you. We’re not saying pounding the pavement, direct mail, radio, TV commercials, and in-person networking aren’t effective marketing strategies. But for your marketing plan to be as efficient and effective as possible, you’ve got to have a strategy for making your customers come to you. Great inbound marketing works hard to earn the interest of your customers with valuable, engaging, and relevant content. It’s effective at each stage of the sales funnel.

Turn your website visitors into fans and create experiences that keep them coming back.

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No news isn’t always good news. Give your audience something to talk about! Email marketing is another way for you to communicate with existing or prospective customers. Make it informative, interesting, and of value to your audience. It’s less about you and more about them!

A consistent, quarterly email marketing campaign filled with valuable content is better than a less informational weekly email. Email marketing helps you build and strengthen your client relationships while positioning yourself as a resource. Email marketing helps make your business one people know, trust, and would want to buy from. At the end of the day, people still buy from people.

Email marketing is about quality and consistency, not quantity.

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Social media isn’t just fun and games (and cat videos). It’s an extremely personal and warm referral network waiting for you! Not sold on social media? Think of it this way: Not having a social media presence today is like forgetting to take down your “Gone Fishing” sign once you’re back. If people don’t know you’re there to talk to, they won’t stop at your store. If you aren’t on social media, you’re missing a chance to talk with existing and new customers. Social media expands your brand’s presence in an online marketplace.

If you aren’t communicating with your existing and prospective customers on social media, who is?

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Capturing and telling your unique story in pictures! Photography is a powerful tool for creating strikingly memorable marketing messages. It’s only increased in usefulness in the digital age. Digital photography makes adding imagery to your marketing strategy very cost-effective.

From brilliant color to old-world sepia tones, we’ve got the right photographic recipe to match your visual approach to your branding, no matter the media. Use photography to enhance your social media strategy or develop compelling case studies. Engaging images help your audience connect with your brand, whether they’re on your vehicles, packaging, trade show displays, or used in your blog or newsletter, or on your website.

Capture your business story in images for today and tomorrow.

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Stories that move you to action! Video is a powerful tool that brings your message to life and allows you to attract new customers! The possibilities with video are endless. Whether you interview staff or happy clients or use animation to explain a complex product or service, video takes your brand to the next level. Use video to share a case study, train your staff, promote a new product, or introduce your company to the world.

A great video can differentiate your company from the competition while maintaining a consistent brand message. Whether using voice over, time-lapse motion, or 3D and 4D visualization, our talented team know what it takes to blend the right mixture of motion and emotion to tell your story so it connects with your audience, no matter the platform. And we never forget to add a clear call to action.

Video is a powerful tool that brings your messages to life!



It’s your company’s stage, and your audience is waiting for the show to start! 3–2–1 LET’S BLOG! A blog is a platform to share your wisdom about your industry and your company. Blog posts keep the content on your website updated and fresh, which search engines love. Showcase your products or services, share customer case studies, answer an FAQ, and share other information that interests your audience.

People read blog posts on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop PCs, which make them a highly convenient way for your prospective and existing customers to reach you on their terms. Blog posts are permanently available on your website, and linking to them on social media or in your email marketing can drive people back to your website over and over again. That’s why a blog is a great way to stay in contact with your prospects and customers.

Share important information with your audience and add chapters to your unique business story.

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Digital sales tools at their BEST! Don’t just think Candy Crush, think Digital Sales Briefcase, filled with EVERYTHING you need to speed up and improve your close rate. Mobile apps aren’t just fun and games. An app is an extremely personal way to build relationships with your prospects and customers and create opportunities to grow your business. You don’t have to be an app developer to enjoy the marketing benefits of a great mobile app. Let the Solutionistas get the technical work and design done for you so you can start engaging your customers today.

Improve your customers’ experiences with engaging customer application strategies.

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Search engines love great content. Especially Google. If your website’s content isn’t optimized correctly for the search engines, your website will go unnoticed. Great SEO & SEM require well-written, informative, and new content with consistent and constant attention to analytics. Good SEO constructs the bridge between your prospective customers and your business. Whether you need organic SEO, paid SEM or a combination of both strategies we can help your digital marketing.

The best content in the world is useless if your website can’t be found.