Om Cw Pg Barnesville General Store Logo

About Barnesville General Store

The Barnesville General Store, also known as Farmers Coop Oil Company (FCOC), was founded in May 1928. This company has staying power! It’s been a Cenex station since the 1950s and proudly displays the Cenex brand. But after all these years in business, Barnesville felt it was time to develop its own unique brand identity.


Origin Marketing had the privilege of working with FCOC to develop its own brand. The name Barnesville General Store was born. As a part of developing their identity, we created a logo, tagline, and color palette for them.

Om Cw Barnesville General Store Logo
Bgs Color Palette


Once these items were approved, Origin Marketing began building an in-store digital channel for them. The client wanted to reach a younger audience with these campaigns and become known as a local information center in their town. We built a digital marketing plan with the right target market and key growth goals in place. Origin Marketing handled the visuals, scripting, and voice-overs for the digital campaign. Now, Barnesville General Store has three 50-inch screens inside its store displaying these digital, branded campaigns. These local campaigns feature a monthly calendar of Barnesville events and other community news. The campaigns feature monthly and ongoing product promotions to increase sales, promote their social media presence, and grow brand recognition.

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