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About Blue Sky Benefit Solutions

Blue Sky Benefit Solutions was born from the company’s passion for helping people. They believe people matter! Blue Sky Benefit Solutions helps employers and HR representatives develop benefits packages for employees and their families.


Origin Marketing built Blue Sky Benefit Solutions’ identity from their name and the message of their mission. Their tagline “Going Above And Beyond,” mark, and logo allow Blue Sky Benefit Solutions to visually capture its story and begin building its brand.

Om Cw Blue Sky Benefits Logo
Bsbs Color Palette
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Bsbs Secondary Logo


Once the identity was developed, we held a photo shoot to capture each team member’s unique personality while remaining consistent with Blue Sky Benefit Solutions’ brand.

Bluesky Benefit Solutions Insurance Jeff Brekken
Bluesky Benefit Solutions Insurance Heather Moline
Bluesky Benefit Solutions Insurance Larry Terry


Origin Marketing also developed Blue Sky Benefit Solutions’ new website. The website allows visitors to easily reach an agent in their area and quickly understand all the benefit services and coverage options Blue Sky Benefit Solutions has to offer. The website also proudly features the Blue Sky Benefit Solutions team, featuring the employees’ pictures as well as the Employee Spotlights, which Origin Marketing wrote and designed. This feature and the Join Our Team page are great sources of promotion and recruitment for the company.


We also developed business cards reflecting Blue Sky Benefit Solutions’ new identity and updated the company’s social media presence to reflect its new branding. During the discovery process, Origin Marketing asked Blue Sky Benefit Solutions many questions, distilled those responses, researched, and formed a comprehensive marketing plan for the company.


We developed Employee Spotlights to showcase the talent and personality of the Blue Sky Benefit Solutions Team.

Bsbs Spotlight 3
Bsbs Spotlight 2
Bsbs Spotlight 1