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About Equity Source Mortgage, Inc.

Equity Source Mortgage sits on your side of the table. They understand the costs of buying a home or refinancing your current one and share their deep knowledge of the real estate industry with you from day one.


Equity Source Mortgage wanted to develop a recognizable direct mail campaign to grow their brand recognition and attract clients in their immediate area. They wanted their mailers to be “as instantly recognizable for their brand as the UPS or FEDEX envelopes are for theirs.” Origin Marketing delivered that in spades. We performed several Every Door Direct Mailings (EDDM) campaigns in their local target market and sent mailers to previous clients. We incorporated a digital component to the mailer by tying the inserts within the mailer back to a landing page campaign. Equity Source Mortgage was able to measure the results of the mailer by tracking visits to the landing pages we created.

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We also branded and created a social communications avatar to interact with their social media audience. Meet Mortgage Ed! Mortgage Ed gives a mortgage update on Mondays called “Ed Talks.” Mortgage Ed has created additional brand recognition and increased followers within Equity Smart Mortgage’s social platforms.

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Origin Marketing also developed a video series for Equity Source Mortgage. The videos are Mortgage Possible, Credit 101 Part 1, and Credit 101 Part 2. They’ve featured these videos on their social platforms and on their website.