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About GT Urological

GT Urological designs and manufactures medical devices that treat urinary incontinence. GT Urological’s latest device, the Aroyo™ artificial urinary sphincter treats male stress urinary incontinence. Though not approved for use in the United States, Aroyo™ is approved for use in several countries.


Origin Marketing was contacted by another agency that had a client who needed a very advanced 3D animation video to aide them in promoting their new medical device and they knew that Origin Marketing would be able to deliver this project on time and on budget for their client.

GT Urological worked directly with Origin Marketing and our video production team to develop the direction required for this video project. The project involved a sensitive subject of male incontinence and the audience would be males primarily over the age of 60 and potential trial study partners in several countries where their new device had received trial study approval. The video project included an interview with the head of the Urology Department at the University of Minnesota as well as a 3D model of their Aroyo Artificial Urinary Sphincter device. The animated model demonstrates the conditions surrounding male incontinence issues, how the device works to mitigate those issues, and where it is surgically implanted in patients. GT Urological needed this to be done in a respectful, professional, and detailed manner. The Origin Marketing team worked with the client in script development, performed the interview session, captured b-roll, developed the art, selected the images, and created the 3D-enhanced elements for the video. The client also needed the final video delivered in four languages. Origin Marketing answered the call and was able to meet and exceed all client requirements.