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About JLB Pilates

JLB Pilates offers personalized Pilates sessions and classes to help you meet your wellness goals. The team believes healing happens through movement. Using the Pilates Method, they work with your body as it is to help you grow stronger, healthier, and more resilient and flexible. Every body is different, and everybody can improve their health through movement.


The Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas partnered with JLB Pilates to create a new website that featured their new studio in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The new site features the bold purple and teal of the JLB Pilates logo, with textures and line drawings that bring calm to the site. Stunning black-and-white custom photography graces every page, showing visitors what they can expect when they step inside the JLB Pilates studio.

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The Origin Smart Marketing team helped JLB Pilates design and source branded tops for instructors. The apparel is also for sale at the studio. After providing several possibilities for JLB Pilates to consider, the team settled on a gray t-shirt, gray jacket, and gray hoodie. 

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JLB Pilates wanted to invest in custom photography of its new studio and instructors to show off the space and its talented team. The Origin Solutionistas delivered, providing color and black-and-white images of the studio, candid photos of instructors at work, and clients using Pilates equipment.  

Jlb Pilates Reformer Classes 136
Jlb Pilates Bw Reformer Team 235
Jlb Pilates Team Group Photo 207
Jlb Pilates Wunda Chair Group Classes 060
Jlb Pilates Row Reformers Classes 168
Jlb Pilates Wunda Chair Classes 057