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About Jurrens & Associates

Jurrens & Associates is an IT and custom software development firm based in St. Michael, Minnesota. Jurrens & Associates provides full-service IT support for businesses and custom software applications for small businesses to large enterprises.


When it was time to launch its direct mail campaign, Jurrens & Associates gave Origin Smart Marketing a call. Our Solutionistas came up with a gambling theme that utilized the company’s bright red brand color to create an edgy and impactful postcard.

The Solutionistas also provided business letterhead for Jurrens & Associates. Like the postcard, the letterhead features the Jurrens red in several shades to add dimension.

Jurrens Postcard Campaign Unlock Your Teams Full Potential
Jurrens Postcard Campaign Weve Got Your Back
Jurrens Letterhead
Jurrens Letterhead Page


Jurrens & Associates partnered with the Solutionistas at Origin Smart Marketing to create and implement a comprehensive inbound marketing plan. Jurrens had recently invested in a beautiful new website, and they were ready to expand their online presence and community. After a brainstorming session with Jurrens, the Solutionistas put together a content calendar that incorporated blogging and social media. The Solutionistas partnered closely with the Jurrens team to implement the plan. Origin provided the content for blogging and email marketing, as well as images and a content plan for social media for the Jurrens team to implement internally.

V2 Motivation Jurrens Osm 20190405
v1 Tech Tool Jurrens OSM 20190130
V2 Family Friday Jurrens Osm 20190405