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About Legendary Capital Solutions

Legendary Capital Solutions is commercial lending company. The firm works with businesses of all sorts to provide commercial lending solutions, including SBA loans, equipment leasing, medical & health care financing, merchant cash advances, accounts receivable financing, and unsecured lines of credit, among others.


The Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas partnered with Legendary Capital Solutions to refresh its website’s homepage. The client wanted the homepage to be welcoming, reassuring, and positive. The Solutionistas added the client’s headshot to the hero section, with a welcoming message from the founder. The homepage features the company’s top services as well as client testimonials.



Legendary Capital Solutions offered a dozen different lending products. Blogging was a great way to share the company’s expertise and experience while also improving its website’s search results performance. Origin’s inbound marketing Solutionista created a content calendar with the client to cover all the different lending products and delivered two blog posts per month. The blogs were shared on social email and through email.

Email Marketing

Legendary Capital Solutions’ email marketing followed the blogging content calendar to promote the blog posts as well as monthly landing pages. Many emails featured a personal video from the company’s founder. The emails reflected the Legendary Capital Solutions brand identify, from the royal purple color accents to its warm, welcoming voice.

Social Media

Social media marketing rounded out the inbound strategy for Legendary Capital Solutions. Monthly posts featured the landing pages, blog posts, and videos from the founder. Posts also rotated through Legendary’s other commercial lending services.

Legendary Capital Solutions Social Media Post Advisory Services
Legendary Capital Solutions Social Media Post Business Valuation
Legendary Capital Solutions Social Media Post Merging
Legendary Capital Solutions Social Media Post Purchase Financing
Legendary Capital Solutions Social Media Post Cash Flow
Legendary Capital Solutions Social Media Post Accounts Receivable


A landing page digital marketing campaign formed the backbone of Origin’s marketing plan for Legendary Capital Solutions. Every month, the Solutionistas created a landing page that attracted new business to a specific commercial lending product. The landing pages followed a similar format that clearly directed visitors to click to learn more.

Landing Page