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About Pain Free Patriots

Pain Free Patriots’ vision is to assist veterans and current service members in chronic pain seeking relief. They serve those who are often out of options after treatment at other medical facilities. Pain Free Patriots has coordinated treatment of more than 600 veterans using the latest technologies, advanced protocols, and licensed providers. Over 90% of grant recipients who complete the treatment program report significant relief from pain. All treatments coordinated through Pain Free Patriots are done without the use of any opioids or narcotics.


The Solutionistas are honored to help Pain Free Patriots expand its marketing and fundraising reach. We started by updating the nonprofit’s website so it is mobile-responsive, aligned with the organization’s brand, and shows off all the great work Pain Free Patriots does (check out all their veteran testimonials). The website now features all of the nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns, events, and opportunities to volunteer and donate. Discover all the ways you can support Pain Free Patriots.


Pain Free Patriots uses all sor ts of media to reach potential donors. Origin Smart Marketing partnered with the nonprofit on a full-page, color newspaper advertisement. The ad featured testimonials from several veterans as well as a clear call to action to support care for veterans. For the organization’s #Be4Vets campaign, Origin designed a postcard announcing a new initiative for families and friends to support Pain Free Patriots.
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To continue to build awareness of the nonprofit , the Solutionistas created an inbound marketing content calendar for Pain Free Patriots. The calendar incorporated several marketing tools, including blogs, social media, and email marketing. The blog for Pain Free Patriots featured the stories of veterans the organization has helped, told in their own words. Pain Free Patriots has a vast library of video interviews of current and past grant recipients that the Solutionistas highlighted on the blog as well as on social media. Other posts discussed the challenge of treating chronic pain and how the public can support veterans through Pain Free Patriots.

Social Media

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Email Marketing

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Pain Free Patriots employs a variety of strategies to reach potential donors. Through its professional partnerships, the organization offered hand sanitizer and business signage for businesses responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, with all proceeds going to Pain Free Patriots. The Solutionistas developed landing pages for these products that the organization could share with potential supporters. The #Fix6 and #Be4Vets landing pages encouraged individuals and businesses to combine their resources to raise money for Pain Free Patriots. Origin Smart Marketing developed landing pages for these campaigns to be shared on social media and through email marketing.

Fundraising Landing Pages

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Campaign Landing Pages

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