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About RediFlame

RediFlame® products are 100% all-natural, renewable products for grilling, camping, fireplaces, and fire pits. It is family-owned and operated in Finley, North Dakota.


RediFlame® approached Origin Marketing to overhaul their website, but it became clear early in the process that their logo and brand identity could use some refreshing, too. Origin Marketing developed a new identity package that included an updated logo and color palette.

Rediflame Logo Old
Om Cw Rediflame Logo
Rediflame Logo Update 2
Rediflame Color Palette


To make its products more accessible to consumers, we held a professional photo shoot to photograph all of RediFlame®’s products. The photographs showcase how easy it is to light and handle each product.

Rediflame Product Wood 003 900x600 Skeeterlog Chiminea Fire Starters
Rediflame Product Wood 014 900x600 Wood Grillers
Rediflame Product Wood 007 900x600 Fire Starters
Rediflame Products 07 White
Rediflame Products 04 White
Rediflame Products Chim Chunks


The capstone of our work for RediFlame® was a brand-new, mobile-responsive website. RediFlame® wanted a site that was easy to navigate with strong call-to-action statements, showcased their products and retail partners, and that they could update themselves. We created a marketing support page so RediFlame®’s retail partners could conveniently find image files of the RediFlame® logo and its products.

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