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Scott Build’s commitment to integrity, honesty, and direct communication is creating positive change in the construction industry. The company designs and builds commercial buildings for private and public organizations across the Midwest.


Scott Builders had changed its name to Scott Build, so after consultation with the client, Origin Smart Marketing updated Scott Build’s entire brand identity. Their new logo can adapt to any size screen or be used in print while staying sharp and clear. We standardized the Scott Build colors to green and gray, and used those colors to create brand elements that were reminiscent of a draftsman’s sketches.

Scott Build Logo 4up
Scott Build Brand Patterns Textures
Scott Build Color Palette


After Origin Smart Marketing updated the Scott Build brand identity, we had the opportunity to help the builder update its website so it better reflected the beautiful work it does. We rebuilt the site from the ground up, with an engaging and image-rich homepage and dynamic project gallery to highlight their wide range of projects. We got to incorporate some fun elements, too, including parallaxing on the homepage and line-drawn animation in the navigation menu.


The Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas have had the opportunity to work with Scott Build on several graphic design and print project. One of the first was the construction company’s Statement of Qualifications book, which highlights recent projects, the Scott Build process, and what makes them the Master Builder. Origin has also provided marketing for Scott Build’s annual clay shoot, a fundraiser for the ALS Association. The Solutionistas flexed their creative muscles to help Scott Build put together a spectacular trade show display too, including the #SlapOnScottBuild campaign to engage attendees featuring Bones, a furry slap-on bracelet.

Statement of Qualifications Book

Scott Build Statement Of Qualification Book Design 1
Scott Build Statement Of Qualification Book Design 4

Sporting Clay Shoot Event

Scott Clay Shoot 11x17 Poster Mockup
Scott 3rd Annual Sporting Clays Shoot Sponsorship Flyer 1
Scott 3rd Annual Sporting Clays Shoot Sponsorship Flyer 2

Trade Show Marketing

Scott Build Tradeshow Display Mockup
Scott Build Bones Slaponscottbuild Eblast


The Solutionistas support Scott Build’s inbound marketing efforts, including blogging, email marketing, and social media marketing. Scott Build inbound marketing content focuses on showcasing the company’s expertise in their five core capabilities as well as highlighting the company’s philanthropic work for the ALS Association, Buffalo Food Shelf, the MVMA, and other organizations.

Social Media​

202004 Monday Motivation
20200522 Scott Gives Back
20200423 Tbt

Email Marketing

Enewsletter 1
Enewsletter 2


Osm Web Portfolio Scott Build Blog


Origin Marketing partnered with Scott Build to create a series of videos to differentiate Scott Build from their competition and clearly articulate the Scott Build story. The video series was shot on the owner’s ranch. We chose the ranch because the setting helps demonstrate the company’s Midwestern values and work ethic without having to say a word! The owner also loves his ranch, and you’ll note his signature cowboy hat is worn throughout the videos. His hat has become synonymous with the Scott Build brand, as you rarely see him without it. Scott Build features the video series on its website and across its social media channels to share their story with the world.



When Scott Build needed a landing page to reach out to businesses affected by the unrest in Minneapolis, the company turned to the Solutionistas to come up with the design and message. The landing page encouraged prospects to reach out to Scott Build if they needed help rebuilding their business. A website popup and email blast accompanied the landing page.

Landing Page

Osm Web Portfolio Scott Build Landing Page Rebuild
Osm Web Portfolio Scott Build Landing Page Rebuild Typeform

Website Contact Form

A Good-Bye Landing Page

Scott Build Thank You Splash Page Good Bye