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About Seacole Specialty Chemical

Seacole is a diversified chemical manufacturing and distribution company that serves a wide variety of markets worldwide. Seacole delivers exceptional value to its customers by offering a unique mix of technical expertise, attentive customer service, and trouble-free logistics.


Throughout the years, we’ve had the pleasure of performing photo shoots for Seacole, covering everything from their products, staff, warehouse, office, and their team photo on their annual Christmas card. These photos have been used in their newsletters, social campaigns, and are featured on their website.

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In developing a responsive website for Seacole, the primary goal was to create an easier way to find products on the site and allow an improved user experience. We developed a way for site visitors to search for products on the Seacole site and get to the right product in just two clicks. The client has gotten much positive feedback regarding this feature from customers and first time site visitors alike! The sales team likes it too.  We also developed a searchable database with a user-friendly search page. This search page view is so well-received that several of the companies Seacole represents have requested that additional products be added to Seacole’s database. This was a very positive development for all parties concerned.


Origin Marketing has developed several collateral pieces for Seacole, such as unique gate-fold styled brochures. We worked closely with Seacole to develop the right visual messaging to showcase Seacole in their “Why Seacole?” company brochure and a contract manufacturing brochure. Origin Marketing also created a two-pocket folder using spot UV to ensure the Seacole brand was highly visible.

Gatefold Brochures

Seacole Gate Fold Brochure Mockup 1
Seacole Gate Fold Brochure Mockup 3
Seacole Gate Fold Brochure Mockup 2

Product Catalog

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Retractable Banners

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Seacole partnered with the Origin Solutionistas to create an annual inbound marketing plan that tied its blogging, newsletter, and social media initiatives together around a single monthly theme. Each month featured a different area of Seacole’s expertise, from industrial cleaning to printed circuit boards. We also developed a market-based e-newsletter strategy to deepen Seacole’s reach with clients and prospective clients in identified key markets. The strategy helped Seacole differentiate itself and its personnel as experts within the diverse markets of surface finishing, printed wiring boards, and industrial cleaning. After making it to the national round of the Business Journal’s social media competition a few years ago, Seacole wanted the Origin Solutionistas to give its social media pages a facelift . We created brand-new social media image templates for their marketing team to use to share ideas, promote products, and feature Seacole team members.

Social Media

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Email Marketing

Seacole Surface Finishing Newsletter Screenshot
Seacole Pcb Newsletter Screenshot
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Osm Web Portfolio Seacole Blog
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To attract specific business to the Seacole website, Origin Smart Marketing designed landing pages for several of the company’s products and services. The landing pages feature engaging content and clear calls to action. Since the pages were designed with scalability in mind, it will be easy for Seacole to add more landing pages in the future.

Landing Pages

Osm Web Portfolio Seacole Landing Page Parts Cleaning
Osm Web Portfolio Seacole Landing Page Contract Manufacturing
Osm Web Design Portfolio Seacole Landing Page


Sometimes, a client needs communications support that are a little outside the box. The Solutionistas have had the privilege of working on two such projects for Seacole. The first was an internal company website built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. It features pages for each of the company’s departments as well as resources for PTO, company policies, and product information. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Origin partnered with Seacole to help them communicate their COVID-19 response.

SharePoint Site

Screencapture Seacole365 Sharepoint Sites Seacolecommunicationsite


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