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About Structural Buildings

If you can dream it, we can build it. That’s the Structural Buildings motto. Structural Buildings designs and constructs a wide array of building types, from post-frame to all-steel buildings. Whether you need an agricultural, commercial, equestrian, storage, or residential building, Structural Buildings has the expertise to exceed all your expectations.


When Structural Buildings adds a new client or has other news to share, such as the move to their new office, Origin Marketing held photo shoots for them to help capture these memories and provide them with high-quality images for their website and on social media. Updated photography was a major part of the Structural Buildings website redesign (see below!). 

Structural Tower Services Office Building Becker Mn
Structural Tower Services Office Building Becker Mn
Structural Buildings Von Hanson
Structural Tower Services Office Building3 Becker Mn
Vision Structural Buildings Front Desk Office Becker Mn
Structural Buildings Von Hansons Interior Build Out Becker Mn


Origin Smart Marketing has supported the marketing for Structural Buildings for a number of years. When the company wanted to do a complete overhaul of its website, the Origin Solutionistas jumped at the chance to help!

The new website uses professional video and photography to showcase the beauty and functionality of dozens of Structural Buildings projects. The new website features expanded pages for the company’s major capabilities. The new portfolio pages use photography and video testimonials from clients to show off recent projects and help potential customers understand everything that Structural Buildings can do for them. 


Structural Buildings was our very first client! We’ve worked on several projects for Structural Buildings. One of our early projects was designing a t-shirt for their crew that they’d be proud to wear and that would increase brand awareness.

Sbuild Equestrian A4 Half Fold Brochure Mockups 01b
Sbuild Residential A4 Half Fold Brochure Mockups 01b
Sbuild Commercial A4 Half Fold Brochure Mockups 02a
Om Portfolio Sb Tshirt 1
Om Portfolio Sb Tshirt 2


Structural Buildings’ capabilities are extensive, and in 2012, they had a unique opportunity to utilize all of those capabilities on one project for the Revier Cattle Company. They asked Origin Marketing to help them capture this very special project on video and we said yes! We made a series of videos showcasing several of the specialized building projects, from the cattle containment buildings to the grain facility and many others in between. We also did an overall project video to give their customers a chance to see the many specialty building areas Structural Buildings excels at!