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About TIPS: Tailored Injury Prevention Solutions

Tailored Injury Prevention Solutions (TiPS) helps employees and employers reduce repetitive stress and other workplace injuries. The TiPS experts work with businesses across the country.


TiPS wanted to build a strong brand through its inbound marketing and social media marketing efforts. The Origin Solutionistas created a fun and engaging TiPS avatar that helps set the company apart from its competitors. To complement the new avatar, Origin also vectorized and stacked the existing TiPS logo so it played well online. We also rearranged the trademark placement to ensure its intellectual property was protected.

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The previous TiPS website was very cumbersome to manage, especially its ecommerce function. We updated the site to a new platform to make its ecommerce capability more robust. The change also saved TiPS money in monthly ongoing maintenance costs.

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After the new website went live, TiPS partnered with the Origin Solutionistas to create an annual inbound marketing plan that tied its blogging, newsletter, and social media initiatives together around a single monthly theme. Each month featured a different TiPS workshop theme, from goal setting to healthy knees.

Email Marketing

Origin Smart Marketing created an e-newsletter strategy to help TiPS connect with clients and prospective clients. Newsletters feature the company’s new avatar, latest blog posts, tips for HR professionals, and features a TiPS product or service.

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