How a Small-Town General Store Uses Digital Marketing to Build Community

A small-town general store in northwest Minnesota is the perfect community gathering space, but it’s not a place where you’d expect to see digital marketing innovation hard at work. But at the Barnesville General Store, that’s exactly what you get. The technology is doing a wonderful job of building a sense of community just a few dozen miles southeast of Fargo, North Dakota.

Fueling Barnesville for Nearly a Century

The Barnesville General Store has served the Barnesville, Minnesota, area for nearly 90 years. Also known as the Farmers Coop Oil Company, the store has proudly sold Cenex fuel since the 1950s. But recently, the store felt it was time to develop its own unique brand identity.

Origin Marketing helped the store create this brand identity, updating its name to Barnesville General Store and creating a brand-new logo. But the store also wanted to build its already strong reputation as a community gathering place. And it didn’t want to ignore the younger generation that would rather Snapchat than stand around and shoot the breeze.

Creating an All-New, In-Store Digital Marketing Channel

To help the Barnesville General Store reach a younger audience and continue to build its reputation as the community’s gathering place, Origin Marketing created a custom, in-store digital marketing channel. We handled creating the graphics, writing the scripts, and producing the voiceovers for this unique digital marketing campaign.

Today, the Barnesville General Store has three 50-inch screens inside its retail space that display upcoming community events, town news, and store promotions. The content ties into the store’s social media presence to engage a younger audience and is live-streamed online. Check it out here:

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Working with Barnesville General Store was a great demonstration on how a nearly 90-year-old company can continue to innovate and stay relevant. If you’d like to give your established brand a jolt of creativity to bring it into the digital age, contact the Solutionistas at Origin Marketing today!

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