How Content Marketing Tools Work Together to Add Value & Attract More Customers

Landing pages. Blogging. Email. Video. Social Media. A successful inbound marketing strategy incorporates all of these content marketing tools to attract prospects by offering them something of value. This gives you the opportunity to build relationships and convert prospects to customers.

It All Starts with Your Website

The center of your inbound marketing strategy is your website. Everyone you attract through blogging, email, video, and social media should be directed back to your website. If your website’s content and design are weak, your inbound marketing will be ineffective. If your website no longer reflects who you are and what you do, or if it isn’t mobile responsive, or if it doesn’t have compelling copy and calls to action, it’s time for an update. The Solutionistas can help with that!

Landing pages are hosted directly on your website. They are the first link in your content marketing chain. Landing pages highlight a product or service or offer something for free in exchange for a user’s name and email (known in the business as a lead magnet). To support the success of the landing page, you should feature it on your blog, in your email marketing, and on social media.

Blogging: The Second Content Marketing Tool in Your Strategy

Consistent and frequent blogging is the next content marketing tool you need in your marketing strategy. Like landing pages, your blog lives on your website. It offers high-value information to your customers and prospects and is rarely—if ever—used to sell. A blog is a great place to share your expertise, explore the features and benefits of a particular product or service, show off a case study or recent success, and give a shout-out to a client. It also provides the backbone for the rest of your content marketing efforts. Check out Origin’s blog Smart Talk for a good example of blogging in action.

Email Marketing Shares Your Content with Your Followers

Once you’ve created great content on your landing pages and blog, it’s time to spread the word! You likely already have a list of customers and prospects. Email campaigns are a great way to connect with them. Start with a monthly email featuring your latest blog post and a promotion. Email marketing can support your landing page strategy with automated emails that share your lead magnet with people who sign up.

Video Marketing Engages More Prospects

Video marketing is a very powerful way to engage customers and prospects. You can host video on your website or use YouTube to publish your videos. Video on social media is a powerful content marketing tool, too. A video can be as simple as a slide deck of your favorite projects or as elaborate as a professionally produced explainer video shot on-site at your company. Incorporate your video strategy into your blog (transcripts can make great blog posts with a little editing) and emails. Remember to add calls-to-action within your videos, whether you want viewers to subscribe to your channel or visit your website.

Share It All on Social Media

So, you’ve got your landing page, blog, email, and video all up and running. Social media is the final tool in your inbound marketing strategy. Share your blog posts, emails, and video with the world on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Ask followers to review your products and services. Give your customers shout-outs in the comments. Social can be fun, informal, and spontaneous. And with a strong foundation built on your landing pages, blog posts, email campaigns, and videos, it can be a powerful way to attract new customers. Ready to get started on your 2023 content marketing strategy? The Solutionistas are here to help! Let’s chat.

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