You’re an expert in your business. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how your brand should be or is being represented! Whether you know a little or a lot about branding, it’s helpful to take a moment to reflect on your own brand. The Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas are here to help!

Why should I care about my brand?

Why should you care about your heart health or staying mentally sharp?

Your brand is the lifeblood of your company—it is what attracts customers, builds customer relationships, and defines how you do business. If your brand does not reflect why and how you do the work you do, it’s certainly not helping and may indeed be hurting your business.

Just like your body, when you don’t care for your brand, it can get out of shape. When you are busy running your business and not able to focus on all aspects of how your brand is being represented digitally or in print, it’s easy for it to get a little . . . flabby.

Okay, you convinced me! How do I know if my brand is out of shape and no longer working for me?

The first step toward understanding the health of your brand and how it’s working for you is to take stock of the brand elements you have and how you use them. Do you have a logo, tagline, or mark? Do you use the colors in your logo throughout your marketing materials? What about the fonts you use in your marketing materials? Most importantly, do you like any of these materials? Do they still represent why and how you do business or have they become a hodge-podge of materials, with some from when you started your business, some from when you updated your online presence, and some recently developed to focus on a business anniversary or other milestone?

If your brand has a bit of a hodge-podge feel, have no fear, this can be corrected! The first step is taking stock and taking back control of how your brand represents your business whether clearly or in a state of confusion. The Origin Solutionistas can help!

Next, take the pulse of your current print and online marketing materials. Yep, you’ve got to take stock of everything! What story are they telling? Is it an accurate portrayal of your business?

Yikes! This sounds like a lot. Can you help?

Yes we can! Because we love this stuff and have found business owners often feel overwhelmed by the brand review process, we wanted to help! We’ve created one you can complete in 10 minutes or less (seriously, we’ve tested it!). Review the health of your brand in less time than it takes to grab a cup of coffee from the shop across the street.

After the OSM Solutionistas receive your completed brand review, we will develop brand recommendations to tell you how your brand’s health is holding up and ways to get it back in shape!