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How's It Going?

Dear Origin Smart Marketing Family,

I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to how my company can support my team of Solutionistas, our clients, and all the small businesses that are such critical components to our society and are being hit so hard by the restrictions placed on them.

2020 began full of optimism. The year has always made me think of vision, normal healthy vision: 20/20. This year has been anything but normal or healthy, but I want to change that by looking through a “how can I make a difference?” lens.

Here’s how I would like to give back, support my team of Solutionistas, our clients and any small businesses struggling right now. I’d love the opportunity to learn how my team and I can help and support you during this time.


In April and May, Origin Smart Marketing will discount the monthly recurring invoices for our current clients by 10%, a savings of 20% for our clients. For new or returning clients, we’re offering a 10% discount and 10-month payment plan for services that would have a valuable impact on your business. Here’s a look at what’s possible in these uncertain times.
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Have some time on your hands? It’s the perfect time to do some brand spring cleaning. We’ll put together a logo kit that includes your logo mark and your full logo in full-color, all-black, all-white, grayscale, stacked, and horizontal designs to support all of your marketing efforts.
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We can go through a brand assessment with you to uncover your brand’s foundation. Then, we’ll review all of your current brand elements (logo, color palette, patterns, font styles, etc.) and update them so you have what you need to visually showcase what your business represents.
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Your business’s virtual storefront is more important than ever. What first impression are you making on your online customers? Would you benefit from adding e-commerce to your website? We’ll give your website a thorough review and develop a plan for optimizing your customers’ online experience, from mobile responsiveness and lead captures to strong calls to action and simplified user experiences.
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E-commerce makes it possible for retail stores and restaurants to continue to generate revenue during the pandemic. If your business would benefit from having a website with e-commerce capabilities, the Solutionistas can help. We can add e-commerce to your existing website or help you optimize your current e-commerce platform.
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The ability to stay in touch with our customers via email marketing, landing pages, popups, blogs and social media marketing are critical tools for businesses to be connect with customers when storefronts are closed. The OSM Solutionistas can walk alongside you as your outsourced marketing partner or work with your team to set them up for success implementing your inbound marketing plan.
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Your business may be closed during COVID-19, but with 360 virtual immersive tours, your customers can experience your business anytime. Stay in touch with your consumers by letting them stay connected to you. Virtual tours are a good solution for all businesses to showcase your offerings while social distancing. The Solutionistas can help you set your business apart.

Stay Seen

Now’s not the time to let up on your marketing. We have the power to add optimism back to 2020. Your customers need to hear from you now more than ever. We’re here to help you keep up the conversation through these extraordinary circumstances. We’d love to learn how we can be of service to you.

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