Over quiche at a late October production meeting, the Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas shared how fall clean-up was going at home. Despite bouncy mower seats, missing leaf bag pins, and blisters from raking, everyone’s yard work was coming along.

Fall clean-up is a chore (for some, a joy) that pays dividends in the long-run. A little sweat equity in the fall keeps your yard clean. It can prevent disease from ravaging your plants. Most importantly, it prepares your lawn and your garden beds for new growth come springtime.

As she was bouncing along during the final mow of the season, Chief Solutionista Rosalie realized that fall clean-up has a lot in common with brand upkeep. With periodic cleaning, your company’s brand stays clean, consistent, and ready to support future revenue growth. Tending to your brand kit helps your company stay consistent, healthy, and profitable.

After a few months or years of daily use, your brand can become cluttered and diluted with outdated image files, funky fonts, and mismatched colors. It happens to the best of us.

You grayscaled your logo in PowerPoint and resized it to use on Facebook. When you got branded coffee mugs for your team, the logo didn’t quite match the one on your brochures. At some point, your designer updated your logo file so it would play well online, but you still use the old logo because it’s easier to find on your computer. Along the way, you lost that email with the color codes for your brand’s official colors, so you try to match them by eye as best you can. And you couldn’t ever find a good match for the fonts the designer used in your print collateral, either.

Fall Clean-Up Helps Your Brand Stay Consistent, Healthy, and Profitable

You’re busy, and business happens. But when little changes occur to your logo, colors and fonts over time, it starts to hurt your brand—and your profits.

Doing some inventory can help you keep your brand consistent, healthy, and profitable. And while you can probably tackle your fall landscaping chores yourself, cleaning up a brand is easiest, thorough, and most effective when you call in the pros like the Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas.

When we help clients clean up their brand, we inventory everything, from logos and art files to colors and fonts. We look at how these elements are used in print, online, and on your t-shirts. We identify and determine what is missing or broken in your branding. We then develop the right plan to repair it. We begin cleaning up your brand elements by recreating any missing elements so you have all the resources you’ll ever need close at hand, including:

Logo Color Font
·         grayscale

·         black-only

·         white-only

·         stacked

·         an image of just your mark

·         your brand’s color codes

·         primary brand colors

·         secondary brand colors


·         heading font

·         subheading font

·         paragraph font


Some people love to rake or do laundry—the Solutionistas love to clean up brands! The Solutionistas will clean your brand house so you can focus on your business. Let’s get started.