Sharpen Your 2023 Content Marketing Plan

Here’s the deal: every year, we read a bunch of articles about the top content marketing trends for the upcoming year. And every year, with few exceptions, they offer pretty much the same exact advice. Every list encourages you to create content that connects on a deep, personal level with your customer, whether through the content medium, the copy, or the keywords you develop your plan around.

So, instead of rattling off a bunch of content marketing trends for you this year, the Solutionistas want to help you take your 2023 content marketing plan back to basics. Here are a few ways to ensure you’re focusing your 2023 content on your customer.

Put Yourself in the Mind of Your Customer

Why do your customers choose to do business with you over your competition? What products or services prompt them to give you a call, schedule an appointment, or request an estimate? What feedback have you gotten from past customers about their experiences working with you?

The answers to all of these questions can help you uncover topics for your 2023 content marketing plan. Taking the time to put yourself in the mind of your customer helps you better understand why people do business with you. If you can gain clarity on that, you can write content that speaks to your customers’ experience with you. This will attract more of the customers you want.

Create Buyer Personas for Your 2023 Content Marketing

If you don’t have a clear picture of who your customers are, creating one or two buyer personas can help you focus your marketing efforts and create a target audience for your organic content and any paid advertising you may invest in this year.

Creating a buyer persona combines your knowledge about your customers and a little creativity. Let’s say you run a chiropractic clinic, and your target market is moms with school-aged kids. To create a buyer persona for this target market, tap your inner writer and come up with a name and age for your mom. Where does she live? What does she like to do in her spare time? Why would she become a patient at your chiropractic clinic?

Using a buyer persona helps you come up with creative, relevant content for your audience. Instead of thinking of your customers as a vague group of buyers, you can focus your message to one particular customer that embodies your target market.

Write Like a Human

This step is a perennial favorite of top trends lists. It’s also one of the mottos of the inbound marketing Solutionistas at Origin. With all the concern about writing for the web and for Google, writing like a human, for humans, is often overlooked. But Google has always favored content that is written for an actual human to read.

While SEO is important, don’t sacrifice the quality of your writing to squeeze in just one more keyword. If you write like a human on your topic of choice for a human audience, you’ll attract real human customers. Need help getting back to the basics this year? The inbound marketing Solutionistas at Origin Smart Marketing can help. Let’s talk.

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