Osm Escale Advisors Logo

Casey Breen

President, Escale Advisors

“We just completed our new website with Origin Marketing and are so excited to have a website that is functional, well-designed, eye appealing, highly visible and easily navigable. Rosalie and her team are a pleasure to work with – always available and willing to offer advice, challenge us and to make changes as and when necessary. Initially, we thought our website was going to just validate us as a company, but instead, our experience in this work has refocused and refreshed our organization! Thank you! ”

Osm Scott Build Logo

Rick Scott

CEO/Founder, Scott Build

“It’s been and continues to be a pleasure working with you and your team, building our presence and mission to the general public. You and your team have achieved things through our website development and videos that I really never thought possible.

I appreciate the time you and your team invested in understanding our industry and listening to what we were not only telling you, but trying to achieve. You produced the first “real results” with your efforts that our company had ever realized via website in our first 21 years in business. Without exception, we will continue to work with you as long as you’ll have us! I take great pleasure each and every time I recommend you and Origin Marketing to other businesses (certainly not our competitors)! Thank you so much for what you’ve helped accomplish in the last two years!”

Om Cw Seacole Logo

John Bell

CFO, Seacole

“Rosalie and Origin Marketing do an outstanding job handling our e-newsletter and social media functions for Seacole. Their creativity and industry knowledge gives us an edge up on the competition and the quality of work is superior.”

Om Cw I94 West Chamber Logo

Donna J. Hartley

President, I-94 West Chamber of Commerce

“Origin Marketing has been essential in upgrading the chamber into the latest and greatest in social media. Origin also completed our website and many other graphics projects to our complete satisfaction. Rosalie is an excellent project manager; professional, dedicated, and an expert in her field. Working with her company is a delight – she makes it easy to do business! Sometimes, I wonder if she reads my mind, though I know she just takes great care to learn our brand and audience to provide the best marketing options for the chamber. We have been honored to have Rosalie teach at our Marketing Institute and continually recommend her services to our members.”

Om Cw Rediflame Logo

Heather Rothfork

Corporate Account Manager, Woodshed Renewables, LLC

“Working with Rosalie on creating a new website has been very exciting! She makes this process fun and easy to work through! Origin Marketing has done an exceptional job, and I look forward to working with them more and more in the future.”

Facetime Business Resources Logo

Chris Dolney

Owner, FaceTime Business Resources

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rosalie at Origin Marketing over the past several years as a partner of sorts, helping her company source the products her clients need. I continue to be impressed at the care she places in every detail of every project, always being sure that the products we select live-up to her high standards. She truly has a knack for building collaborative teams that provide nothing but the best results for her clients.”

Om Cw Gtu Logo

Matt Adams

VP Commercial & Business Operations, GT Urological

“It was a pleasure working with Rosalie and Origin Marketing to assemble the first-ever video for the Aroyo Artificial Urinary Sphincter.”

Mcn 6 Logo

Katie Harms

Co-Host, The Daily 6 on MCN 6

“Rosalie is a force of nature. She brings a level of enthusiasm to every encounter. Bright, articulate and fun, Rosalie exudes a can-do attitude and a professional approach to everything she gets involved in.”

Albers Commercial Kitchen Services Logo

Tom Westby

Executive Vice President, Albers Commercial Kitchen Services

“During the time Rosalie and I worked together, I found her passion for customers as “people first” a breath of fresh air. In this fast-paced world of business, Rosalie stands out as someone who honestly takes care of her clients. Her exceptional attitude of “How can I help you?” versus “How can you help me?” is at the top of her mind. She is high on my list of business development and marketing people and would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Rengel Printing Co Logo

Inese Mehr

Business Development, Rengel Printing Company

“It’s a pleasure working as a printing partner supporting Origin Marketing with clients’ print projects. We work closely with Rosalie at Origin Marketing to develop the best print products for her clients. We enjoy working with Rosalie and appreciate her attention to detail, creative, intelligent design, and the genuine care she puts in to each project. We are honored to assist Origin Marketing in achieving their goal of ‘nothing but the best results,’ by ensuring that the products we deliver live-up to their high standards.”

Voyageur Real Estat Group Logo

Bill Carrington

Voyageur Real Estate Group

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Rosalie and Origin Marketing. The energy and professionalism that was demonstrated far exceeded my expectations. I can highly recommend them to design and execute a comprehensive marketing and branding campaign to grow your business. I look forward to our next project.”

Om Cw Esm Stacked Logo

Dawn Sperr

Business Manager, Equity Source Mortgage

“Origin Marketing assisted Equity Source Mortgage to create a customized, á la carte vision. We had a few things we wanted to focus in on, and Rosalie listened, asked questions and learned about our industry. She created and delivered a nicely designed project plan with items to be completed during an 18-month time frame. Rosalie delivered quality products in print, logo, social media, video and website for Equity Source Mortgage. We are proud of the pieces that were developed with Origin Marketing. Origin Marketing has been a valuable resource for us in many facets that marketing can entail. If you are looking for an in depth look at your business marketing strategy, Origin Marketing is a great place to start.”

Farm Coop

Tammy Heiden

General Manager, Farmers Co-op Oil Company

“I started working with Rosalie and Origin Marketing back in March 2015. To me and our company, the thought of a new digital marketing program was very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. After reaching out to Origin Marketing and trying to relay what was, as of yet, just an idea in my head, Rosalie started to put the pieces in place. I have grown very comfortable with her, and I am very impressed with what she and Origin Marketing have done for our in store marketing program. I know if I have a question or concern, she is just a phone call away, and I also like that she returns phone calls and emails so quickly. I love the personal touch Rosalie has and also the timely fashion that she gets the job done. I would certainly recommend Origin Marketing to all of my associates.”

Michael A Colosimo

Founder, Acumen Business Solutions

“We recently completed our new website with Origin Smart Marketing and are so excited to have it live!! It is so professionally done and eye appealing, not to mention how great it looks and works with mobile devices. I tried it on an iPhone and an Android and it was great on both! We love how easy it is to make changes ourselves following some training from Origin. We also know we have the support when/if we need it.

Rosalie and her staff are so amazing to work with! I am not tech savvy and they held my hand throughout the process and continue to assist me when needed. They provide me with analytics to review, which allows me to track activity and successes. I will use Origin Smart Marketing for all future digital marketing and web development needs and strongly recommend them!”

Scott Build Logo Cover

Mandy Horvath

Executive Vice President, Scott Build

“My team started working with Rosalie and her team in early 2016, and we will continue to work with them into the foreseeable future. Rosalie has put together an amazing program package for all levels of marketing assistance, which really gears to anyone, anytime with any budget. We had a very small budget to start with when we decided to hire her team to redesign our logo. Our firm has hired MANY marketing firms throughout our lifespan and we have wasted a lot of money partnering with the wrong teams, who didn’t hear us or didn’t communicate well. We went into our first meeting with Rosalie and spoke with her at length about our brand struggles and what we wanted our brand to say to the world. She and her team were like Jedis and were able to pick up on every subtle idea we had and put it to use. They truly make what is incredibly difficult seem simple and stress free. Their onboarding program hones in on what you are trying to get your brand to say and why.

On top of the outstanding value and quality Origin brings to your brand, Rosalie and her team bring wonderful personal attention to each interaction they have with you. I’ve never worked with another firm in any area of business that caters to your specific needs, issues and concerns and is a true champion for each of their clients’ businesses and the well-being of their brand and company. Rosalie is one of the kindest and most genuine people you can have the pleasure to work with and on top of that, her business savvy and creativity is out of this world. She surrounds herself and her business with people of similar caliber who are on time, creative, helpful and intelligent.

If you want your brand to FINALLY say what you’ve been trying to get it to say and want honesty, creativity and trust from the people you work with, you can do no better than Rosalie and her team at Origin Smart Marketing.”

Om Cw Pain Free Patriots Logo

Doug Huseby

President, Pain Free Patriots

“Origin Smart Marketing did a great job taking my vision and notes and making them come alive for social media and on our website. You nailed the vision for the campaigns to appeal to thousands who can give donations. You are very special and very talented. I will give you references anytime. You and your team are making a big difference in helping us help Veterans. Thank You A Lot!!! ”