“They’re Experts for a Reason!”: A Testimonial from a Happy Print & Website Design Client

We recently got the chance to hear how we did on several recent projects for Structural Buildings, a construction company based in Becker, Minnesota. Structural Buildings was Origin’s very first client, and it was great to learn about the company’s experience working with us on a few recent projects.

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A Revamped Website Leads to a Renewed Sales Process

Origin Smart Marketing had created Structural Buildings’ original website, so it was no surprise when they reached out to us again after a number of years had passed to build a whole new site that reflected their expanded capabilities. In the process, we also made additions and updates to their brand identity to support these capabilities.

After speaking with the key stakeholders at Structural Buildings, we had a good idea of what their website needs were, as well as their capabilities, business model, and company history. “We really appreciated Origin’s deep knowledge of our company and their ongoing support,” explains marketing and events coordinator Amanda Helm.

“Origin has a lot of different experts, from copy to design to video,” Amanda continued. “It was so nice that we could count on a single company to guide us along throughout the project.” In addition to our Design Solutionista, our creative team included our Copywriting Solutionista and a Videography Solutionista to incorporate lots of client stories both in text and on film. The end result is a website that features beautiful photography and videography of Structural Buildings’ projects with clear organization and calls to action to make navigating the site a breeze. Monthly website maintenance ensures that the site continues to run seamlessly.

“Now that the site is complete, it’s changed how we market ourselves,” says Amanda. “The sales team’s sales pitches have become more mature and elevated, and they regularly use the website during the sales process to show off our expertise.”

Video Testimonials Help Make the Sale

Video testimonials were an integral part of the new website, and Origin Smart Marketing was excited to deliver these important marketing materials for Structural Buildings. These videos feature Structural Buildings customers and their buildings. The videos are an important tool for the sales team. Filming these testimonials involved a lot of moving parts, from coordinating shoot days to preparing the customers and their properties for filming. “Despite all the wrangling the videos required, the end products are fabulous!” exclaims Amanda. “The sales team uses the videos in their sales pitches, and I know our customer enjoy watching them, too.”

2 Structural Buildings Sales Brochures Agricultural Case Study
3 Structural Buildings Sales Brochures Agricultural Spread

Sales Brochures Help Tell the Company Story

Once the website and video testimonials were complete, Structural Buildings wanted to update its brochures to bring them up to par with the site. Once again, Origin Smart Marketing worked with the key stakeholders at Structural Buildings to take the brochures from concept to final product. Structural appreciated that we shared their passion for getting the brochures exactly right. As a result, Structural Buildings is thrilled with the final product. “It’s exactly what we wanted,” reports marketing and events coordinator Amanda Helm.

“We’re so happy with all three of these projects and their final results,” Amanda explains. “We value Origin’s guidance and expertise. They’re experts for a reason!” If you’re on the hunt for an outsourced marketing partner, we’d love to see if we could be a good fit for you and your project. Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities!

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