Are You on Track to Make More Green in 2018?

Top of the mornin’ to you, a few days early! The Solutionistas love St. Patrick’s Day, and not just for the green beer. Pots of gold and Kelly green remind us that the end of the first quarter is nearly upon us. Are you on track to make more green this year?

The month of March is a great time to revisit your marketing goals and your marketing plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish. But often, we need to recalibrate our marketing plans to adjust to reality and reach our goals. Sometimes, life throws us such a curveball (or a homerun) that we need to adjust our goals, too.

It’s Under the Rainbow Somewhere: Are You on Track to Achieve Your Marketing Goal?

Carve an hour or two out of your schedule in the next two weeks to reflect on your progress toward your 2018 marketing goal. Is your goal sitting on the horizon at the end of the rainbow, bright and glowing? Or, is it lost under the arch, clear as mud?

After analyzing your progress over the last two and a half months, does your goal still seem realistic and attainable? If not, is there a better way for you to measure success in 2018? If you’re more than 30 percent of the way to achieving your goal, it may be time to challenge yourself to really knock it out of the park this year.

What Tools Do You Need to Invest In (or Reinvest In) to Meet Your Marketing Goals?

If you made it a goal to post to your company Facebook page every workday in 2018, but you haven’t logged in since the Super Bowl, it’s time to find some help. Are you taking advantage of the Facebook post scheduling tool? Do you have the app downloaded on your phone? Have you considering hiring someone to write some content for you?

If your goal could be within reach with a little help, take some time to research what tools may help continue to make progress. The Solutionistas have a few productivity tools that keep them on track—maybe they could work for you, too.

Keeping Your Marketing Goal Top-of-Mind

Once you’ve recommitted to or recalibrated your goal and identified the tools to help get you there, how do you keep your goal top-of-mind? Here are a few simple ways to keep your eyes on the prize:

  • Write your goal on a sticky note and tack it to your monitor
  • Make your goal your desktop or phone background image
  • Keep a vision board in your office of what your life will look like once you achieve your goal
  • Talk about your goals with your loved ones
  • Incorporate your goals into your weekly team meetings
  • Set calendar reminders to check in on your goals
  • Ask someone you trust to be your accountability partner

Remember that you’re not alone in your quest in making more money in 2018. If you’d like a partner on your journey, the Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas would love to hear from you. Let’s Talk!

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