Ching! That’s the sound tidying up expert Marie Kondo makes when she holds an item that sparks joy for her. It’s often accompanied by a right heel kicked joyfully into the air.

If you feel Kondo’s KonMari method of decluttering and organizing is everywhere right now, there’s good reason—she has a hit Netflix show! Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has been a hit with some of the Origin Solutionistas, too (here’s looking at you, Amanda!). And while some Solutionistas are cleaning house, it occurs to us that Kondo’s “Does this spark joy for me?” gut-check can work for brands, too. Tidying your brand can eliminate inconsistency, build a strong brand identity, and spark as much joy as tidying your home.

KonMari Your Brand Step One: Gather All Your Brand Items into One Place

If you’ve watched Kondo’s show, you’re familiar with the mountain of belongings she asks homeowners to create as they pile all of their clothing (then all of their books, paper, etc.) in one spot. The first step of KonMari is to take stock of everything you have of one category so you can tidy from a feeling of abundance.

The same process can be applied to your brand. Your first step is to gather every element of your brand so you can look at it holistically. This means logos, taglines, marks, colors, marketing materials, and your website and social media sites. Open them all up on your computer so you can view them together.

KonMari Your Brand Step Two: Ask Yourself: Does This Spark Joy? Will It Serve My Business into the Future?

Now here comes the hard part (no, the gathering was not the hard part!). Look at every item in your brand pile. For each, ask yourself two questions: “Does this spark joy?” and “Will this serve my business into the future?” If you’ve just updated or created your logo, we hope it sparks joy for you! It certainly should serve you well into the future. But what about those 10-year-old brochures? Do they spark joy for you? Do you feel like they will serve you and your company into the future? How about the social media pages you haven’t posted on for a couple of months? Do they share relevant information? Do they spark joy?

If the Answer’s Yes . . .

Awesome! This part of your brand identity will continue to bring you joy and make it easy to use as you grow your business this year. We hope you have a few brand elements that spark joy.

If the Answer’s No . . .

Then it’s time to let it go. That doesn’t mean hitting the delete button, though! We hate to see businesses throw the baby out with the proverbial bathwater. If your brand (or elements of it) used to spark joy or served you well in the past, but you feel it no longer serves you or is relevant, it’s time to give your brand an overhaul.

Let Go and Make Way for More Joy (and Clients!)

Ready to apply KonMari to your brand? The Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas are here to help! Our brand review helps you pull all your brand elements into one place. We can help you sort through what’s working and what’s not so you can create more joy (and more clients!) for your business this year. Take our brand review today!