What’s Lurking in Your Website SEO Audit?

Is your website not performing like it used to? Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re getting fewer form submissions or visitors to your site. If you’re frustrated by a lack of performance on your website, it may be time for a website SEO audit.

What is a website SEO audit?

A website SEO audit takes a look at how your website performs on search engines, specifically Google. Think of the audit like a checkup at the doctor’s office. You might schedule a doctor’s appointment because you suspect something might be wrong. Or, you might schedule a checkup because it’s been awhile since you’ve been to the doctor’s. The same is true of a website SEO audit. It’s a good idea to run an audit if you suspect something’s wrong with your site or if it’s simply been awhile.

An SEO audit will look at your entire website and provide data on its strengths and weaknesses in regard to its performance on Google. An audit will identify any errors in the backend of your website as well as areas of improvement to its content, including copy and images.  

What does an SEO audit evaluate?

An SEO audit will take a look at several different elements of your website’s performance. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from an SEO audit with Origin Smart Marketing.

Overall Site Performance

This report will look at how quickly your site loads. Google loves fast websites, and so do users. The average user will wait just two seconds for your site to load before they look for another website that will deliver the information they’re looking for. Your site’s performance report will check the load time of each of the pages on your website. This takes into account the time it takes your page and images to render, DNS lookup time, and other metrics.


Google uses web crawler bots to find and index the information on your website. These little bots read all of your website’s content, test every link, and visit every page on your site to understand its purpose and relevance. If the bots have an easy time crawling your website, Google will consider your website easy to use and relevant to users. This will improve your rank in search results, But if your site’s full of broken links or the copy is unclear, the bots will get stuck. This will cause Google to downrank your website on its search results. A crawlability report will uncover any errors that may cause Google’s bots to struggle to crawl your website.

Your Website’s Vital Signs

Like any good checkup, your website SEO audit will also evaluate your website’s vital signs. Your website’s vital signs include its load time as well as improperly sized images, images that are missing alt tag descriptions, unnecessary JavaScript, broken pages, and other technical details that may affect your website’s performance on Google. This report will also reveal if your webpages include relevant and unique title tags and meta descriptions, both of which help Google understand what your site is all about. Lastly, you’ll get an idea of the pages on your website that don’t contain enough content for Google to find your pages relevant.

A website SEO audit is a comprehensive report that tells you why your website is performing—or underperforming—on Google. When you partner with Origin for your SEO audit, we’ll take the time to explain the results to you and make a game plan for how we’ll tackle any issues. Then, we’ll put together a strategy for making sure your website continues to rank well on Google and converts users into leads. Ready to get the low-down on your website’s performance on Google? Get in touch with your Solutionistas today to request your website SEO audit.

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