2022 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know About

This time of year, you’ll find dozens of listicles ticking off the upcoming year’s design trends. Honestly, it’s enough to drive you batty. So, the Solutionistas have done the hard work for you and condensed what we’re seeing in the design world into three major 2022 graphic design trends.

90s Pop Culture Inspired Designs

After these last few years, brands are searching for a way to help their target audiences feel better. And what makes us feel better than a bit of 90s nostalgia? 90s pop culture is a top 2022 graphic design trend, so don’t be surprised if your favorite brands look like they just rolled off the set of Saved by the Bell.

How is all this 90s nostalgia showing up in graphic design? You’ll know it by the use of bold colors, color blocking, geometric shapes, and even a bit of grunge. 90s-influenced designs are colorful, fun, whimsical, and put you in a good mood. What’s not to love?

Serifs Stay Sizzling

Serif fonts have been enjoying a renaissance these last few years, and they’re not going anywhere in 2022. While this trend could be part of the 90s pop culture trend we just described, serif fonts are a trend in their own right.

So . . . what’s a serif? Serifs are the little, decorative strokes at the ends of letters. Times New Roman has ‘em and Arial doesn’t. Serif fonts went out of style in the early 2000s, when screen resolutions made serifs fuzzy and difficult to read. But now that technology has advanced, and serif fonts are back!

Many designers consider serif fonts more formal and evocative of trust and professionalism. On the other end of the spectrum, sans serif fonts are considered modern, fun, and informal. Many brand kits include a serif and a sans serif font. For example, Origin’s blog titles are in Rokkitt, a serif font, while our main text is in Gudea, a sans serif font.

Data, Simplified and Colorized

Data, data everywhere, and no one understands it . . . until now. Simplified data visualization is a top 2022 graphic design trend. Companies have struggled for years to present data in a way that’s engaging and simple to understand. With all the information we’re bombarded with every day, simple text no longer cuts the mustard.

Instead, brands are leaning on their graphic designers to help them distill data down into its essential points and share data visually. Color, charts, maps, tables, and graphs can all illustrate data clearly and succinctly. Better yet, combine several of these techniques together to create an engaging and powerful infographic. Which of these 2022 graphic design trends are you excited to incorporate into your marketing plan? The Origin Solutionistas can bring their talents and creativity to the drawing board for you. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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